The K03 size is 65*38*14mm,because its appearance is very small,so it can be installed in a very subtle, not easy to find.K03 voltage range is: 9-100V,it is mainly used for positioning theft prevention of motorcycles or electric vehicles.

GPS work need to insert a SIM card, open the cover, insert a SIM card, please note the direction of the card.Then the device is on.We can judge the working condition of GPS by light.

Insert the SIM card, followed by access to external power supply. K03 power line has fuse and four lines, the four lines are: red connect positive, black connect negative. Yellow connect relay is used to Remote Tele-cut off (petrol/power), and orange is connected to the vehicle ACC.

Then we can see the GPS status through the GPS positioning platform.We can implement real-time monitoring, play history track ,view report data and so on.

At the same time in order to facilitate the user, we also have developed android and IOS app.We can used this app for selecting Users, Real-time monitoring, Historical trajectory playback and we can select the time, Setting geo-fence, Alarm message and so on.